Parc Verger – Champagnac-de-la-Riviere

Franc and Lisa moved over from Britain as new owners of Parc Verger in June this year, but what a  charming and welcoming couple they are.  I had pulled over into a layby once I realised I was not going to find them and phoned at about 9.30 am – not being sure what time the gates were opened and everyone was up and about – but apparently I had only just missed them being open when I passed by the second time.  Franc saw Thebus heading along the main road and ran down to the entrance in case we sailed by again, but in the daylight the entrance was VERY easy to spot.



I had a choice of plots but went with Franc’s recommendation. For an easy life it had water, 16 amp electric and a drainage point.  Wonderful! and reasonably priced. It was a lovely situation, partly screened by a hedge but looking out over a beautiful lake and woodland.

I think nearly all of the others presently staying at Parc Verger are British, so it is very relaxing being able to communicate easily, even if a bit of a ‘cop out’ (what a strange idiom that is, and one wonders where it came from, but in this case says precisely what I mean).

The lady from the local bakery calls up most morning with freshly baked baguettes and wonderful pastries, and she is definitely French, and if she does speak any English is certainly not owning up to it.  I will include a photo sometime, but normally she pulls in blowing her horn, one is never quite sure when,  turns round and if you are not quick is gone.  So by the time I have wrestled with Phoebe, and found my walking stick and purse I am not thinking of photography, more of breakfast.  And what a wonderful breakfast it is, with lovely, real French-tasting bread, and the most buttery croissant I have tasted in my life, plus each time she calls there is a different freshly baked pastry to tempt you……. yummy.

It is terrific here for Phoebe, as although dogs are expected to be kept on their leads at the site, within a mere couple of hundred yards there is a tarmaced cycle way running for several miles in both directions.  It was originally the old railway (or possibly tram line – I am not sure which) so of course it is perfectly flat and goes through woods and fields – no traffic and wonderful for letting the dogs run free.

IMG_0860 IMG_0855 IMG_0854 IMG_0858

We occasionally pass other walkers, dog owners or cyclists, but just enough to make it interesting.  The first day I collected some of the masses of big fat chestnuts and roasted then in the wok when I got back, and they were lovely.  Its probably a bit late in the year and they have been lying in the damp, but a month earlier I think I would have been eating them every day.

Parc Verger has free wi-fi as well, and a reasonably fast connection, so that has meant I have been able to update the blog and sort some of the things which should have been done before I sailed.  Oh well…. it all gets done in the end.

The French here speak French and only French, but there seemed quite a scattering of British around – as I noticed when Lisa kindly took me to the supermarket for my first French shopping test – Is it washing up liquid or washing liquid?  A bit of deduction and I got it right.  I coped at the butchery counter buying liver and kidney for Phoebe, both dearer than at home where neither are valued as food, and the chicken, which I had been led to believe was expensive in France was almost exactly the same price as in the British supermarkets – the cheap chicken that is, the premium variety was double the price.  But on the fish counter it was heaven.  I bought some of the nicest prawns – well crevettes of course – I think I have ever eaten.  About 1.50  for 200 grammes.  They will certainly be on my list next time I call.  I tried Phoebe with a bit but she looked as though I was trying to poison her.  I think they probably have a cut off time as puppies for learning what new things to eat, and prawns were too expensive in Britain to try out.

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