Christmas at Parc Verger

I managed to be organised enough to take a snap of the little bread van arriving in the morning


Then Lisa took me on the supermarket run again and very kindly went the pretty way back passing a few of the local chateaux.


IMG_1004 IMG_1012

Then when her godmother was due to visit for Christmas I accompanied Lisa to the local airport at Limoges.

What a super little place to fly in and out of.  Wonderful countryside.  A carpark not quite a large as one at a British Superstore, with probably less distance to walk to check-in.  As we parked up I could smell cooking: having kept many pigs over the years and cooked all of them I straight away recognised the smell of steamed pork.  Once again, how many British airports do their own cooking.  So being early we got something from the cafe and sat outside in the sun to wait for the plane.  Lisa had just a coffee, but there was Limousin pie, and as I have not really tried much local food I felt that was a must for lunch, and guess what, it was cooked pork pieces and sliced potato in a light pasty crust.  Very tasty, and being lunchtime I had a glass of wine, and most enjoyable it all was, sitting in the sun and looking out at the stunning scenery of the Haute Vienne.




The little Flyby plane arrived and taxied round stopping just in front of us.

IMG_1050 IMG_1051 IMG_1072

Then  we went back via a SuperU supermarket, full of Christmas food – crates of oysters, live lobsters, wonderful cheeses and pates.  It feels so good here I surprised myself by starting to look at properties in the area.


Back at Parc Verger Christmas was being organised for the fourteen of us due to spend Christmas day there.  The marquee looked very festive, and we were treated to a roast turkey lunch with all the trimmings




There was even some live entertainment.  Thanks Franc!


Plus a wonderful iced cake for after.


And the sun shone so strongly that the tent sides had to be opened for the afternoon.  Most enjoyable.

One thought on “Christmas at Parc Verger

  1. Gill Cass

    Glad you liked our local airport we are only 30 mins away and all our 3 children are only 30 mins from Leeds Bradford airport, the downside only flights Easter to October but can get to Liverpool all year around and shortly to Manchester , we have travelled all over France but as soon as we vivisted the Caharente we knew we had found ‘home’ been 6 years since then and almost 5 years since we moved here full time , and life is blissfull !


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