Braving The Shave

When they knew I had cancer and would be losing my hair when going through chemo my two beautiful young friends Tanya and Sally both said they would shave their heads in support of me.  I have to admit I was very tearful at this and begged them both not to shave off their lovely locks  – but they were adamant, and a date was fixed.  There would be a coffee morning at Sally’s farm in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support where Sally and Tanya would ‘Brave the Shave’, and afterwards there would be an auction of donated gifts and promises.

This lovely hat was donated by Oldfield’s of Ombersley


By the date of the auction I had received a second dose of chemotherapy, and my hair – which had survived the first dose – suddenly began falling out in handfuls.  In fact one night as I stood in the dark with my back to a strong outside light and rubbed my head my hair was falling out in the breeze like that of a long haired dog in full moult.  But I was determined to retain at least some, so we could all three have our heads shaved together – though of course I was not being sponsored for it.

Three local hairdressers very kindly donated their time, and as we three sat in front of the gathered audience, we were looking and feeling somewhat apprehensive.  It didn’t really matter to me as my hair was pretty well gone anyway, but even so having ones head shaved sitting in front of the gathered throng was somewhat daunting.


Sally and Tanya both had a lot to lose with full heads of strong, beautiful hair – a woman’s crowning glory.  And of course one is never sure exactly what shape one’s head is, and the worry is there as to how you will look.  I think they were both very, very brave, and I can’t ever thank them enough for this selfless act of support for me.

At one point as Tanya’s beautiful locks of hair were lying in her lap and I just felt she was feeling a little fragile.  I was holding Sally’s hand on my right and Tanya’s on my left, so I asked Sally to help me send some reiki through to Tanya, and the camera picked up this.  I love the way the random sunbeams shine down on Sally’s head, then my shoulder before showing as a heart shape over my heart, and stretching on down to my hand on Tanya’s where it glows the brightest.


This is Tina Button (who owns the salon where we go for a hot tub) and myself just after the last of my hair was shaved off



Here we are all three finished


Sally and Tanya both donated their hair to The Little Princess Trust which produces real hair wigs for children affected by cancer, and between both of them they raised nearly  £1500 in sponsorship.  Not only that, but those attending gave donations for their coffee and cakes, then after the head shave Sally was a most professional auctioneer at the auction of various promises and gifts donated by local businesses and people.  In fact the whole event produced a grand total of about £4000 for a very worthwhile cause.

In anticipation of the three of us having no hair I had ordered lots and lots of wigs of all different styles, colours and lengths, plus head scarves, turbans and bandanas.  And everyone – not just us three – had lots of fun trying them on.







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