Not only had Sally’s business pace been ‘hotting-up’ over the months since I arrived in July of 2016, but so had the ‘romance’ between Sally and Mark (or as I first knew him – Tibbo)

This romance had been in its very early days back in the summer of last year, with Sally blowing hot and cold, but Tibbo determinedly in pursuit, and it finally paid off and I could see her falling in love with him.

I think they will be very well suited.  Sally is a strong-minded girl, and Tibbo loves her very deeply.  They both often talked of marriage and children, buying a house, even what any offspring might be named, what sort of wedding they wanted and so many other things that I was surprised it took him so long to ask her.  But finally after many hints and stutterings he did and she accepted.

The two of them are from similar backgrounds.  Both being third generation offspring of transport business grandparents.  Tibbo runs a small fleet of trucks for the family firm.  It was for his grandfather when I first met him, who at 82 still went into work daily, driving himself there to oversee everything and keeping his hands firmly on the reins.  But he sadly died this year, though I am sure having led a full and satisfying life.

So they both understand the way of life involved with this sort of business; and the trials and commitment to the job which is needed to make a success of things.  They are around the same age and with so many interests in common I feel they have a better than average chance of making a go of things in our uncertain modern world.

So Tibbo having been given the green light went off for the day with Sally’s Mum to choose the engagement ring in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and came back with an elegant solitaire diamond.  I think he had intended to take Sally out for a special meal on Valentines day to officially ‘Pop the Question’ and slip the ring on her finger.  But Sally’s Mum, excited to see them together encouraged him to do the deed whilst the family were around to help celebrate, having spent the day at the Marina over the road watching the Rugby, being keen supported of Wales – Sally’s grandparents on both sides having come from Wales, which with a name like Jones is hardly surpising.

I, of course, by now was in Cannock, so missed out on the celebrations but Tibbo finally went down on one knee if front of everyone to ask, and to be officially accepted.

And what a fortuitous place to have proposed, as within a couple of weeks the Landlord of the Marina decided to give up the lease.  And Sally as impetuous as ever has taken it on, in addition to the small-holding and the transport firm.  I do hope she doesn’t burn herself out trying to do too much, but she is a determined girl, and if anyone can make a success of running three businesses at the same time it will be her.

I remember some time ago someone saying to me – ‘ I don’t know what it is that gives her the energy, but if anyone could bottle it and sell it they would make their fortune! ‘.


First one of Tibbo, and yes, they are both for Sally

Early days just after a friend’s wedding summer 2016.
A reluctant Tibbo ready for the Rocky Horror Show

IMG_3013 Off to Venice with Sally asleep on his shoulder before the plane had even taxied to the runway


Kissing on a Venetian Gondola


img_3870Ready to leave Venice

14563472_10209881244163690_2302524898285237694_nLooking happy at The Marina

And another one

Tibbo’s first ever DJ and bow tie ready for the Christmas Bash

15380485_10210553255403551_4407170708032580762_nLooking happy together at the Boxing Match


15732088_10211105370372233_1833824175917929861_oMuffled up  in Switzerland


The Ring

16711793_1645719148788491_1267320385917533505_n Engaged – I can’t say at last, as it is only 6 months.  But many congratulations and all the very best for your joint futures xxx


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