Booking in at Malvern

I had booked in to stay at The Cotford, which although not as central as say The Abbey Hotel, had a lovely garden, and I felt walking round the hotel and grounds might be as much as I wanted to do for the first week anyway: not being exactly sure how I might feel having left the cocoon one inhabits whilst in hospital.

But, surprisingly I coped with the journey to Malvern well and checked into the hotel, where, sadly, afternoon tea was only available by prior arrangement.  So having left my cases we drove to The Abbey Hotel for tea.  I have to say though I felt the price quite high they made a good job of both the food and the presentation, and there was so much of it, that between us we could not finish all the sandwiches and cakes.  The Abbey Hotel was one that I had considered for my stay, but having revisited I was pleased I had chosen The Cotford.  Although the Abbey staff were friendly and helpful (and all, I think, Polish) it had the faded, worn air of many older hotels.  Not unpleasant, but not faded enough to be interesting and not modern enough to be grand.

Still, as I said the afternoon tea was good and we sat in the lounge/bar enjoying lovely views out over the Severn Valley and with the picturesque Malvern Abbey and gardens right at its side. the_abbey_hotel

Back at The Cotford Nick got me settled, then set of for his long journey home and I was free to have a look at my room.  I have an idea it was either called The Snug, or The Cosy – either epithet would have been equally suitable.  It was a single room, and it did have a lovely large shower, and nicely fitted bathroom with lots of fluffy towels, but it was on the ground floor and at the back of the hotel, so no views and seemed a rather dark sort of room.  Fine if one was staying for a single night on business, but not ideal for a week.

After the first night I asked if they was anything more suitable, not minding if I paid the extra for a double room – though hopefully with a view and a bath tub.  And although it meant changing rooms after three nights I was given a lovely bright room with big windows overlooking the Severn plain, then mid-week was changed to an equally pleasant room but with views of the pretty gardens and the Malvern Hills.

img_4623 img_4595 img_4641

After such a large and late tea at The Abbey I didn’t want to bother with dinner, plus I was rather tired after the day, so having had a lovely shower went straight to bed.  And it was nice to have such a quiet and peaceful night’s sleep after the hurly burly of a post-operative ward at night time.

Whilst I had been in hospital two of the ladies in beds close to mine had suffered night time emergencies: and sadly another patient I had never met died – though I was not aware of that at the time, only the rush of doctors, nurses and orderlies passing and re-passing.  Over the corridor, in the men’s ward section, an elderly man, probably suffering from some sort of dementia as well as his illness, continually called for a nurse – insistently and loudly for most of each night time. Add to that the changing of day-time to night-time staff and the bright overhead lights, not doused until nearly 11pm, making sleeping nigh on impossible.  Though with the amount of nights I have spent in various hospitals over the last year I have now mastered the trick of how to sleep moderately comfortably hospital beds.

But in my little single room at The Cotford, tucked in between the hotel and the lee of the Malvern Hills peace reigned supreme, and I enjoyed a lovely night’s sleep in the comfortable bed with its luxurious bed linen.

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