Getting over the Op.

I intended to stay in Malvern for at least a couple of weeks if not longer, and various friends had said they would pop by and see me.  Another Sue was coming over that very evening after work and together we tried out the restaurant and it was excellent.  I had one of their superb gin and tonics whilst I was waiting her arrival, then as she was driving I had to finish more than my share of the wine, so once again I slept very soundly.

Some old friends popped by for coffee which we enjoyed in the lounge (the Bishop’s drawing room) again with its lovely full length bay windows. lounge-seating_gallery

And they bought me a most beautiful bunch of spring flowers, the colour and scent of which gave much pleasure in my bedroom throughout my stay.


That evening there was some sort of blip and it seemed the hotel restaurant was fully booked. Although I had spoken with the owners who were happy to give room service, the young girl on duty that evening told me the chef had been taken suddenly ill – I think we had got our lines crossed somehow.  But it was a pleasant evening and I was happy to walk up into the town to an interesting looking cafe/bar I had spotted the previous evening right by the old Abbey Gatehouse where I mingled in with the buzz of the pre-theatre crowd and enjoyed a very pleasant meal and glass of wine.


Then strolled back down though the now dark Abbey grounds


For some reason Netflix had been emailing me with an offer of a free month’s trial, and as I had been wanting to see ‘The Crown’ I subscribed and have to say throughly enjoyed it, though there was little else of interest on offer, and I made a mental note to cancel before any payments became due.  But it filled in the odd hours at the hotel most pleasantly.

Wednesday was a bit grey and showery, so I relaxed and did nothing much, though when the weather brightened in the afternoon I took another walk up into the town.  I had half intended to have something at the charming old coaching inn now – as so many are – owned by Wetherspoons, but in the end opted for tea and home made cake a little further along the road



Thursday was another wonderful early spring day and more friends called for coffee, which, as the day was so warm we enjoyed on the upper terrace of the hotel gardens, admiring the flowers and listening to the early spring birds and bumble bees.  That afternoon I was booked in for a couple of hours massage and reiki with a lovely lady at a nice health and relaxation centre just a short walk from the hotel.  If I ever move back to the area I think I may become a regular – and on my way back passed a beauty salon: so I booked for the next day for reflexology on my hands and feet, followed by a full manicure and pedicure – and by the weekend I was feeling throughly relaxed and pampered.

Brother Mike had called over on Thursday evening and we enjoyed an excellent meal together in the hotel restaurant, but he had forgotten some important papers that needed to be signed, so returned the following morning to join me for breakfast.

Though I had originally intended to spend at least two or even three weeks in Malvern recuperating I had surprised myself with how well I was feeling and how quickly I seemed to be healing.  Not only was I sure I was well enough to look after myself, but was beginning to miss those little things one always has at hand when one is ‘at home’ – plus of course my darling Phoebe.  So decided I was well enough to return and Mike was kind enough to offer to call for me and drive me and my cases back.

But before then on Sunday I was collected by friends to attend their lively and thriving local church for the morning family service, and afterwards back to their house for a home cooked Sunday lunch.  And as soon as they had returned me to the hotel there was a message to say that Sally and Mark were up in the town centre and wanted to know if I would like to come for a drink.

As I was still feeling good I walked on up to meet them.  They had been there so long waiting to hear back from me they had consumed more lager than they intended, and had decided to stay the night at one of the other hotels I had initially considered, and so we headed up the street to check it out.  Of course Sally and Mark needed to eat, as usual having had nothing much for most of the day so we all had a meal, though I could not do justice to my food after my excellent lunch.  Afterwards Mark was all for driving me back to my hotel, but I felt that would be an unnecessary risk, especially as it was not that long a walk and all downhill. So we all walked back together our footsteps and voices echoing through the otherwise silent Malvern streets.

Then on Monday brother Mike came over again and we breakfasted together before he took and my cases  over to Cannock where Thebus was currently parked.

And all this in less than a week since a major operation – I think I must be a tough old bird!



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