Back to Thebus and Phoebe

Mike came to Malvern early and we breakfasted together – I think he was getting into having a ‘Full English’ start to the day – then we headed off down (or is it up) the motorway system to Cannock where Thebus was still at the motorhome repairers.

Although Dave’s workshops are situated right next to the motorway system, with all the noise that produces, the buildings are sited on farmland with open fields, fishing lakes, and lots of off-road country walks for Phoebe, so (other than the incessant drone of traffic – which only slows down between midnight and about three in the morning) it is a pleasant spot to be parked.

Dave and his work-force are lovely, and as he specialises in the larger American motorhomes there are lots and lots of like-minded folk calling by for ‘fixes’ on their various ‘rigs’

In fact probably slightly tooooo many!  Which meant that although he had managed to get some of the jobs on Thebus finished there were a few half finished, and some not started.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to drive for the next few weeks, so was really in no particular rush and just decided to relax and let things take their course.

Jack’s mum and grandad (who together with the family) had been looking after Phoebe for me over the last couple of weeks brought her over to Cannock and she was very pleased to see me – though somewhat boisterous from her stay with three teenaged boys and two border collies – but after a rampacious greeting and wanting to meet up with Charlie (the resident beagle) she settled down.  After everyone had left she was actually quite tired and couldn’t wait to get her head down in her own bed again.

As I mentioned before I felt I was doing well after my operation, and the (rather large) scar seemed to be healing nicely – BUT after a a few more days it became apparent that there was something going on internally and eventually I needed to phone the nurse attached to my consultant.  She suggested I came in so the consultant could have a look at it.  Apart from an obvious swelling I hadn’t realised I was developing an infection, but by the time the consultant examined me the scar site was red and angry looking, and antibiotics were prescribed with instructions that, should they not work, I may need to visit my doctor.

Kind brother Mike had driven me from Cannock to Worcester, waited for me, and then taken me back again.  So back in Thebus I took my antibiotics and waited for things to improve.  I had visited the consultant on Thursday and waited until the weekend hoping for an improvement but by Sunday it was looking worse, and of course no doctors open.  I phoned 111 NHS health care-line, assuming they would send someone out to me, but of course no such luck.  A doctor did phone back eventually, but said if he did visit he would only refer me to the local A&E – as I would need blood tests and intravenous antibiotics.  So I phoned for a taxi, then waited the obligatory couple of hours at A&E, and without blood tests was simply given different course of antibiotic tablet by the somewhat laconic doctor.  Having waited a further half an hour or so for my tablets I phoned for another taxi and returned, feeling less well than when I started, though thankfully I didn’t catch anything else whilst I was there despite the incessant coughing and sneezing of the other patients.  I wonder if that is how the word ‘patient’ arises, in that one has to ‘be patient’ in order to get treatment.

Over the ensuing days here seemed little improvement – but it wasn’t getting worse either, and eventually the pressure was released and the swelling began to reduce.

I had sent off to Ainsworth’s for anything homeopathic which might assist and gradually, gradually I began to feel less anxious about things.  After my operation I had been been given an appointment to see the consultant for a post-op check up – so I left that to run.  Still not being able to drive brother Mike kindly came all the way over to Cannock to ferry me about.

Though I think I did make up for things slightly by taking him out for a nice lunch at The Venture Inn at Ombersley before my late afternoon appointment with the consultant.  And I have to say for a first course we had home made bread – and the very nicest Wild Mushroom and Cep Soup with Truffle Oil Foam that I have ever tasted!

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